Shining Stars
&Rising Stars

The World Talent Showcase has agents and ambassadors around the world discovering amazing talent in all areas of the arts.

Performing artists are a special breed of talented people. Their work is typically presented and appreciated during a live performance or perhaps in a film. These experiences take us away from our own reality, drawing us into a place where we discover a world very different from the one we know as our own.

A performing artist’s talent is paramount, of course. There is also a presence and unique showmanship that some performers possess that generates those magical moments that can lift us into wonderful places.



Visual artists

Brushes with Greatness

The World Talent Showcase has agents and ambassadors around the globe searching for and discovering amazing artists in all areas of the visual arts.

Visual artists create and deliver to us compelling artwork in a variety of mediums. These works take us to places, sometimes, we might only imagine. Art can take us to places we may have never imagined. The realty, the fantasy, the abstract and the absolute along with social messages and instructions hidden in the deepest symbolisms that are painstakingly placed by each artist to show us the hope that is alive and encircles us always.